Written by in NewsApril 15th, 2011

Keeping any business afloat is a challenge — but for Eric Jackson, it’s an extreme balancing act. As a champion kayaker, he spends half of each year following competitions and events from river to river throughout North America. As president of Jackson Kayak, the leading whitewater kayak manufacturer, he also needs to stay in constant contact with his 120-person company. iPad and iPhone let him do both.

“For my business, the one-two punch is iPhone and iPad,” Jackson says. “With these two devices, I can run the entire company. I’ve literally got my office with me at all times.”

From an RV equipped with Wi-Fi, Jackson keeps connected with Jackson Kayak’s headquarters in Sparta, Tennessee. “And when I’m not on Wi-Fi, my iPad has a 3G connection,” he says. “I just grab my iPad and I’m already online.”

Jackson isn’t alone in relying on iPad and iPhone at this thriving company. In fact, he and his management team consider these devices so indispensible that they’ve outfitted their entire workforce — from customer service to design to quality control — with iPhones, and many with iPads as well.

“We’ve been surprised how people have responded when we’ve given them iPhones and iPads,” says Dave Olson, Chief Financial Officer. “We were getting more time and more engagement from every employee that had an iPhone. So we got everyone an iPhone.”

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